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Hexennacht ~P~ Hexennacht ~P~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Crickey! Holy bollocks! Jamin' the fuck out right now. Thank you Phyrnna for the phenomenal beatz! :D

Poo In My Didgeridoo. Poo In My Didgeridoo.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol :P

benjadaninja responds:

Ha :D

|R|Story of The Himalayas |R|Story of The Himalayas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sure paints the emotion when you search up some images of the himalayas, though when I see mountains, I don't think asian music which causes that tingy instrument to be a minor throw-off but let's forget the mountains. Another great piece of work, however it ends kind of abruptly, I suspected it may be a loop but it doesn't seem to loop as good as some previous submissions. But that's all I can say, I think this one is my new favourite from you.

Radiationator responds:

Yeah I got the Asian theme just from the mere fact that the Himalayas are in Asia :P

I could never really figure out how to end it off, so it is a little abrupt. I was stuck on this song for quite a while

|R|Forsaken Legends |R|Forsaken Legends

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The first ~8 seconds vaguely reminded me of Super Mario 64's Dire Dire Docks soundtracks which brought back memories. :) (Now I gotta go find that soundtrack.) And I gotta think of something more helpful other than "Awesome work!" or "I love this piece!" because I have a feeling I'm otherwise going to be saying that alot in the future. What to critique... nothing! The track reuses elements but in such a way that they are either tweaked each time or new elements are introduced to lead the listener from the subtle beats into the greater dominant beats. As usual you excel at coming up with good melodies and you are getting better at incorporating alot more so as to give your songs a 'fullness.' Of course, this one isn't 'perfect', which is why I am bothered in being unable to point out flaws. 5 stars for teh awezome beatzz, improvement, and because I have nothing bad to say.

Radiationator responds:

Thanks again :)

Your (and all of my other reviewer's) advise/criticism/opinions are what are helping me to improve. Thanks again and keep up the criticism! :D

|R|Restore Hope |R|Restore Hope

Rated 5 / 5 stars

light, uplifting, and eases well into the piece, I respect your use of elements. I just looked up what you said inspired you and can confirm your creation is original in comparison. great work! :) I can't think of anything bad to say about this... except that maybe the snares near the end hit a bit hard? idk, great piece!

I agree with KeikyoNesshin you kinda ease into this one to fully appreciate it.

Radiationator responds:

Thank you, man!

...and yeah, I wanted those snares to knock the listener's brains out with EXPLOSIVE DYNAMICS MEHUAHAHEHAHAHA

|R|Another Time |R|Another Time

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yes originality! I love the first impressions to this track! ^_^ While originality seems to stand throughout the song, I feel one particular element is somewhat overused, perhapes the song can be broken into two seperated by a more undertoneish beat with a slightly different tune just to dilute the lack of variety. When I heard this one at first, I thought this one was going to be great, but the overused elements do get tired and this track loses appeal quickly. This track does have potential, try getting advice from some of the experts around here. I think this track could be great, though maybe it'll be one of those projects that collect dust for a few years before being reworked and actually released which is also fine. As you grow as a musician, maybe keep your eye on this one. Though 4.84 stars at the time of this review is pretty fantastic, I think this one could be alot better. But how? Good question, idk, be creative! Experiment! Throw stuff at it and see how things sound. I wish I could be more specific/helpful. :P

Radiationator responds:

Thanks :)

Yeah, when I made this song, I was a bit obsessed with that one rhythm that I made, and I kind of overused it :P

|R|War Against Technology |R|War Against Technology

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Man, I've been gone from ng for a while! Lotsa new songs for me to check out! ^_^

I like the first impressions to this one, it reallys seems to add a unique flare to your collection. Like you said in the description it does seem short, (it's like it turns my my player into a time machine it almost seems mush shorter than 1:30! might be just me.) Also, you should've uploaded this as a loop since it loops quite nicely. As usual really catchy and plan to download onto my ipad when I get time. I'm actually looking into the demo FL Studio as a potential interest since I seem to like composing, in the future I might be able to leave better, more technical in-depth and maybe greater articulated reviews, since however I am in school atm that is a little out of reach. Anyways, I enjoyed this one, despite being short I don't see much more coming out of making a longer version with the potential exception of new integrated tunes or whatever. If there's nothing new per se to look forward to, I wouldn't bother. That's the nice thing about loops, they can be replayed seamlessly and therefore imo have better replay value. From a listener's standpoint, I think for what this song is, it can't get too much better based on what I have had to say, I think it's a goodie as is, and it broadens the variety of your type of content, I'll give ya 4.5 for this one.

Radiationator responds:

Well, if you ever make a song, pop me a PM, and I'll be sure to check it out! :D

Yeah, I agree completely with you about adding on more. It wouldn't really work out. I'm not a huge fan of this song, anyway, lol

-Aftermath 2- (variation) -Aftermath 2- (variation)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, didn't realise it looped, another great piece! :D

|R|The Five Horsemen |R|The Five Horsemen

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It seemed a bit slow and empty compared to your other music at the beginning, but as elements were introduced I started to appreciate it. I can't say anything was out of place in this one, nor did anything seem so. Though it sure has a different feel than your other tracks. Calmer, less going on, yet it still has those rythms that are just awesome and original. Played this all day and still had it stuck in my head. Yet there's something only slightly unfufilling about this one. Might just be my taste in music, though I like what you did here. Sorry I dont have any really technical terminology or feedback that is specific. I dont make music I just listen to it. :D

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Radiationator responds:

Thanks for yet another awesome review, man! You've got to be my favorite fan! :D

And yeah, I can see what you are talking about, the missing element. I can hear it too, but so far I can't decide how to fix it. I'll probably eventually make a version with it fixed though.

|R|Armageddon (V2.0) |R|Armageddon (V2.0)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice! Thanks for taking my suggestion into consideration! (And I might add rather promptly too). I personally like this track more than the other (Fav'd, downloaded and sync'd to my tablet) But when it comes to what Moinontoi said, I realise he/she does have a point with the whole somewhat out of place instrumentals, though it had to be said for me to notice. Also I agree that you've got some fantastic ideas for melodies, it would please me to see you become one of the greater composers on NG.

+1 loyal fan

Radiationator responds:

Yeah, I always love it when people give me feedback and suggestions, thanks a bunch man. I can see what you and Moinontoi are talking about, and I'll work on making that better. Thanks for the review and loyalty! :D